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The Benefits of Kosher Salt

Kosher salt is the most popular form of salt on the planet. It is the one you buy at your deli, in the supermarket, and even online. This type of salt has been used since ancient times for its medicinal properties. Today kosher salt continues to be used for these same medicinal purposes and more.

It is All About the Color kosher salt has a bigger, coarse grain size than regular salt (though it is not the largest grain size… that honor goes to the regular salt you usually put in a grater). The bigger granule gives kosher salt its darker color. This contrasts greatly with table salt, which has a coarser grained color. kosher salt also has less sodium than regular salt, which is why it is healthier for you. That goes without saying if you are on a diet or watching your cholesterol levels then using kosher salt may not be the best choice for you.

It is All about the Effect It is what you will notice right away. Most kosher salt contains a higher concentration of iodine. Iodine is one of the trace minerals that must be contained in any salt product because it helps to retain moisture in our foods. Regular table salt does not have as much of this mineral in it so when food is cooked using regular salt it releases that moisture which leads to harmful effects on our health. Iodine is not only important in the human body but also in seafood as well as in saltwater fish and marine invertebrates.

It is All about the Cost And in many ways kosher salt can cost you more than regular table salt. Because it is a manufactured product, it has to go through a greater manufacturing process than mining salts. That is one of the reasons why unrefined kosher salt deposits are typically much more expensive than mining salts. Also it takes more energy and water to process unrefined kosher salt so it costs more to produce.

It is All about the Taste Just like most things in life taste is an individual thing. What you like may not be the same as someone else’s taste. This is one of the reasons why kosher salt comes in different flavors such as kosher salt brine, kosher salt dry and kosher salt sweet. You can adjust the salt’s flavor as you please.

It is All about Kosher Certification A kosher salt provider will state on the package that their salt is kosher. Many people assume that means there is no more need to clean it. Not so. While kosher salt is not required to be cleaned of its impurities, it is recommended that you do clean your kosher salt to enhance its shelf life. Since kosher salt has no enzymes, sulfates or nitrates it is prone to go bad faster than table salt.

There are two types of kosher salt; kosher table salt and kosher salt brine. Kosher table salt comes in larger grain sizes (kosher salt dry is the only size allowed in the kosher table salt collection). This larger grain size produces a more salty taste in the food. Brine is kosher salt that contains a smaller grain size which still has the same salty taste and texture.

Kosher meat must also meet certain standards and all kosher salt products should meet those standards or be labeled as kosher. It is very important to know what is kosher and what is not kosher in order to fully enjoy your food and to make sure that those who eat it will not have an allergic reaction. This is especially true with kosher salt.

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