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Bold and earthy! Natural and un-aged salt is definitely certified as the best available today. It is not only flavor, but also naturally healthy. And, it’s not just used in cooking – you’ll also find it on various pickles, cheeses, ice cream desserts, fruit juices, sauces, pickled food items, smoked fish & poultry and even as ingredients for medicinal cures. Hence, black truffle salt is now known as the best of its kind.

Black truffle salt is made from seawater harvested from the Italian Alps. It is harvested as close to the ocean as possible without impacting the environment too much. In this way, you can ensure that the salt will be eco-friendly. The result of its harvesting process makes it ideal for making a wide range of dishes: from salted to salty and spicy and everything in between.

With the right seasoning, you’ll get a natural flavor with every dish you prepare. Here are a few of the most popular dishes that use black truffle sea salt. We start with the classic, salty popcorn. Sea salt gives the best flavor, as the regular table salt isn’t going to give you that. Popcorn comes in many different colors; the more natural and brighter the color, the better it is. You can either choose to go for the traditional butter cream flavor (which is very rich), or opt for a healthier alternative that is made from corn, nuts, rice or seeds.

Salty pasta is a favorite with both Italian and non-italian food lovers alike, and black truffle salt helps make it even better. You can season your pasta according to your taste: you can start with regular salt (the kind you can buy in supermarkets) and then sprinkle it on top, or you can go for the organic variety which will impart a nutty flavor. Another option is to mix it with olive oil and oregano; just remember not to overdo it!

Another favorite is popcorn. If you’re a fan of the nutty flavor of the regular salt, you should also be fond of popcorn. All-natural sea salt is perfect for this, and black truffle salt provides a rich flavor. Add some sliced fresh mushrooms and you have a healthy treat, or just pop it in the oven – it’s healthy and good for you, and it looks fantastic too!

The final dish, we’ll look at today is lasagna. If you want to incorporate the flavors of mushrooms and the French truffle, it’s very easy: just add enough pasta and sauce to the bottom of a baking pan, then throw in some chopped sage leaves, and let the mixture cook for about five minutes. Drain off the pasta after about two minutes, and add more sage leaves for that crunchy texture.

These recipes all use the wonderful power of salt to create a unique combination that’s as unique as Italy. They’re simple and yet surprisingly complex, using the power of nature to give something totally different and yet as delicious as chocolate truffles. Enjoy this incredible season as much as possible, and the effort will only serve to strengthen your relationship with this all-time Italian favorite. This season, treat yourself to some of your favorite Italian black truffle salt recipes. They won’t be disappointed by your efforts!

Cooking with sea salt is a great way to retain the minerals and vitamins in vegetables, making them tastier and healthier. Sea salt has been used for hundreds of years to help bring out the flavor of food. This versatile powder comes in different varieties, from coarse to fine, and comes in many shades of purple. You can also find various combinations like caramelized, coppery or nutty sea salt. The most popular variety is the coppery variety, often used for making chips, cookies, sea food supplements, salted pastes, and even salsas. For decades, popcorn, made from corn, was considered an ingredient of truffle salt, but now it’s a common ingredient in many snacks, including macaroni and cheese and popcorn-coated breads.

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