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A new development in the field of chat bot technology is Facebook Messenger Bot. It is essentially an upgrade of the Facebook chat system. It is designed to provide artificial intelligent androids with the ability to perform simple tasks such as answering chat queries and facilitating interaction in various social media platforms.

facebook messenger bot

In case you are unaware of what a bot is, it is basically a program that uses artificial intelligence to interact with individuals using social media systems like Facebook, Twitter etc. It is then equipped with knowledge of different types of conversations and can therefore respond to queries and initiate conversations automatically. Today, a lot of companies and business houses use such systems for increasing their online presence by offering customized services, which in turn helps them to reach out to their targeted audience. A bot comes with artificial intelligence and is therefore capable of understanding the basic human messages, offer appropriate answers and even help people out while using such advanced systems like facebook messenger bot. Since it is an interactive program, one can use this software for fun or serious purposes.

Bots are used for various reasons, for example some businesses may want to send out emails to inform customers about a particular event or product, while others may want to post relevant information to attract customers and enhance brand loyalty. Such programs come with a wide variety of skills and capabilities. You can either purchase a Facebook messenger bot for your own business or hire one from any website offering such services. In case of personal usage you can install it onto your personal computer or laptop. This kind of software helps in managing multiple accounts and functions them according to the pre defined set up. Apart from assisting you in handling your accounts, it also helps in making online connections with your friends and acquaintances.

Facebook Messenger bots are available in many forms such as, apps for mobile devices, web and desktop versions, and standalone apps. The web and desktop versions can be easily downloaded and installed in your browser. The latest trend in messenger bots is that of multi-tasking. Most of them are designed in such a way that they work on both mobile and web versions, hence making them virtually multitask friendly. Moreover the advanced version is programmed with sophisticated algorithms that allow them to detect various events happening around the world, store them in their memory and offer relevant suggestions or responses to users in real time.

All the popular Facebook messenger apps allow you to track the open rates of the different messages that you have sent and received, this makes the management of these accounts much simpler and more convenient. The Google Talk and Yahoo Messenger Bot apps in addition to many other messaging apps also track the open rates of your messages and inform you of various activities going on around you. Open rates enable you to know what most users are doing with your account and this allows you to manage your communication channel better.

The Facebook messenger Bot also gives you the chance to set custom settings for when your bot sends and receives messages. You can even determine whether your bot should start or end each message that it sends and receives. In fact, the custom settings feature in Facebook messenger bots are similar to the ones that are available in the chat programs. You can use these to customize the messages that you send and receive, the duration that they last for and the colors that should be used for the messages that you just sent. The bot also lets you manage the privacy settings of your account better, as well as control who has access to the list of contacts that you have. This is very useful for businesses where different departments have different contacts, or for individuals who want to limit the access to their contacts list.

However, many users believe that the Facebook Messenger Bot is not very useful. They think that the application is little too complicated and hard to work with. This is partly true, but the Facebook team behind the development of the software has taken efforts to make it as easy as possible to use. The Facebook app developer has taken the help of many technologies that make working with bots much easier today than ever before. Bots that run on Facebook messenger, for example, run very smoothly and are programmed to handle many kinds of communication. You will have a lot of fun using these and you will find that you can communicate with your friends in new ways, as well as get a lot of work done at the same time.

The manychat bot also integrates with HootSuite, a social media management tool that allows you to manage your social media accounts from your web browser. You can use the tools to upload images, videos and music files to share with your friends. Manychat also integrates with the Facebook “Like” and share buttons so that when you post an image to your wall, everyone who likes it will see it. Facebook messenger, like many other applications on Facebook, allows you to share whatever you are doing on the web with your friends. It lets you write on Facebook and post the same to your wall, and even upload and share pictures and videos. Manychat is also useful for sharing information between different groups.

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