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Dead Sea Salt Helps Reduce Stress & Boost the Immune System

Israel has become a popular destination for people from all over the world. As one of the most famous tourist destinations in the world, Israel offers its visitors a unique and exciting holiday experience. As a result, more people have decided to take their vacations in Israel instead of visiting resorts in other parts of the world. However, Israel’s beauty and natural resources are such that many tourists tend to overlook the Dead Sea. “If you want to have a soothing spa treatment on your own, or you want to pamper your tired body before heading off to the gym, you should buy Dead Sea salt from Israel,” said Dr. Sima Bahour, who runs a clinic in Nazareth. “The real stuff isn’t edible and in fact tastes really bitter.

Dr. Bahour explained that salt from the dead sea contains high levels of minerals. “A good test for users is to simply taste their Dead Sea salt,” she said. “If it tastes like earth-worms compost, it’s definitely not edible. Most products sold in stores also have a “sell by” date stamped on them, so buyers need to check it off before they purchase.” Many natural health enthusiasts believe that mineral supplements and regular salt will do nothing to help detoxify the body.

According to Bahour, “people use the dead sea salt to cleanse their skin, especially after bathing in pools or taking swimming baths.” “Excess soap, salt and other residue clings to the skin and tends to block pores. This makes it difficult for dirt to escape, which results in acne and blackheads,” she continued. “The mineral composition of Dead Sea salt is perfect for cleaning the face, keeping hair fresh and soft and softening the skin. It even has some antibacterial activity that can help prevent acne.”

Dr. Bahour revealed that there are also healing properties for the skin. “The mineral composition of dead sea salt stimulates the production of new skin cells and keeps the skin young and fresh looking. It can prevent wrinkles and fine lines, reduces age spots and dark circles, and helps protect the eyes from damage caused by the sun. In addition, many cosmetic companies have started using dead sea salt in their anti-aging creams because of its beneficial effects on the skin. The minerals in the water have made it a valuable ingredient in eye, face and body cream.”

Not only does the mineral composition of dead sea salt have healing properties for the skin and body, but it has anti-aging qualities as well. “A healthy balance of salt and minerals present in the Dead Sea helps keep skin from succumbing to age-related damage,” explained Bahour. “But in order for those benefits to be felt, it is important to use products with the right combinations of minerals and sodium chloride.” Both sodium and potassium are necessary to maintain a proper hormonal balance.

As we age, many essential elements such as potassium and sodium become depleted in our bodies. Without these vital minerals, it becomes much more difficult for us to maintain body fluid levels and blood pressure. Many people who suffer from high blood pressure or kidney disease may benefit from a healthy sodium and potassium level in their bodies. Many other conditions such as arthritis, migraine headaches, heart disease, eczema, and depression can also be reduced or relieved by a higher intake of potassium and sodium in the body. It is estimated that the mineral rich water from dead sea salts has about 20 times more minerals than water from any other source. That is why so many skin care companies have incorporated the use of dead sea salt in their products.

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