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Dead Sea salt is just as pure as any other salt you may buy, except that it is harvested by hand. The majority of salts you see on store shelves are extracted with machines. An industry exists for the harvesting of sea salt from the Dead Sea, and the water is very rare and valuable.

Because the sea salt is harvested by hand, they rely on some pretty special science to harvest the best salt they can. By taking an international expedition to the Dead Sea in 1948, these scientists have developed the harvesting techniques that now make up the science of Dead Sea salt harvesting.

In harvesting Dead Sea salt, the harvesting vessel extracts the saltwater from the sea with large metal pipes which run through the sand and create a giant drill. The drilling process produces an enormous volume of liquid saltwater, which is put through a series of carefully choreographed motions. Each phase of the drilling process is designed to distribute the liquid into pools. There are many variations of each phase, and the scientists use computer simulations to determine what the ideal setting would be.

Salt harvesting from the Dead Sea is an art form, and one that the experts who work there are very proud of. It is truly a living testament to the amazing amounts of salt these people can extract from the sea, and the quality and purity of the water they are harvesting. Their passion is a testament to the passion, the people of the region have for their place, and their job.

The saltwater is naturally pure and the Dead Sea is about nine miles long and only two miles wide. The salt is deposited into salt ponds by a system of underground waterways.

The saltwater from the Dead Sea is one of the purest in the world, as it is continually being mined for a variety of industrial and commercial uses. In the country of Israel, the salt is mined for drinking water and also used to treat sewage water, and in much of the world, salt mining is a major industry.

You will often see Dead Sea salt advertised with the slogan “Nature’s Miracle”. This is because it is truly nature’s miracle, in that it is free of all minerals and chemicals and all the preservatives and artificial flavors that so often end up in sea food and sea water.

When the salt water is used in place of sea food, the salt water has a healthy and refreshing flavor that is truly a blessing to the human body. No other salt provides so many vitamins and minerals in such a small and concentrated form.

The health benefits of sea salt have been well documented. It contains everything from magnesium to bromine, iron, and copper.

The taste of sea salt may be described as salty, sweet, salty, tangy, bitter, and tangy. If you want to try it, simply add a couple of tablespoons of sea salt to some lemon juice, or use it as a garnish for an Indian meal.

Dead Sea salt, which is found in Jerusalem, consists of an abundance of sodium chloride. When you find it in a sea salt product, it is usually labeled simply as salt.

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